We believe at SMP GLOBAL STONE that working together, whilst providing top quality online as well as traditional marketing methods. While providing International products of the highest quality as well as beauty. This goes all our natural stone products as well as engineered stone. Using our unique marketing strategies. Providing quality products, while strategically marketing our clients' businesses and services directly to their target market. We know with our price point and quality product.  Along with finding partnerships with reputable, skilled and professional business. Both parties will benefit grow in sales, reputation, products offered, to mention a few. By continually keeping a high standard of both product and service, the business will grow exponentially year after year.  We believe our business is only as strong, as the people and relations with do business with.

Our Mission

  • Integrity:
  • Humanity:
  • Embracing Excellence:

Before all else, SMP is concerned with creating a consistently flawless and reliable product with industry-leading service. A product and service that we are proud of and a product that our clients can rely on for decades to come.

At SMP we are not only constantly working to improve our product and efficiency, but also our methods, ethics, and standards, because we are nothing without our values and principles.

SMP GLOBAL STONE is a premier distributor of Natural Stones and High-End Engineered Stone products. We carry a wide variety of stone products which include: Marble, Granite, Quartzite, Quartz, Monuments, as well another product listed on the products page. All our material is quality inspected and meets industry standards.


We pride ourselves on customer service, our expert team can assist with any questions and also assist in matching your stone selection with your design and cabinet colors. A perfect color combination provides the right ambiance to your kitchen and makes it look harmonized.


With our large selection of colors and material from all over the world, SMP GLOBAL STONE can cater to any of your natural or engineered stone needs. We ensure that our experienced team will provide all of our resources to assist in your final selection.